Our Story

After struggling for years to find the right haircare products for my frizzy, wavy hair, I was always left disappointed by the many products I tried. Nothing seemed to tame or nourish my hair and it always looked unhealthy.

This left me with a deep desire to create a range of hair care products that ticked all the boxes: visibly improved and nourished my hair, had clean ingredients, and also looked so pretty and dreamy that I wanted them on display in my bathroom.

I spent the last number of years working with the best science and innovation in the industry to create a range of powerful, clean, plant based haircare products that tick all of  these boxes and more.

Hair forms such huge part of our identity and confidence and my mission is to empower and inspire women worldwide through our community and products. While I started this journey creating haircare for my own needs, my goal from day one was always to create haircare for EVERY ethnicity, hair type and hair goal.

Born out of this deep passion we have combined cutting-edge innovation and science to create beautiful products that not only nourishes your hair and scalp but also envelopes you in a moment of daily self-care.

SEA+SOLU was born in Ireland, surrounded by the powerful clear blue waters, natural landscapes and heritage botanicals of Ireland provided us with endless inspiration and unique ingredients.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your hair care journey!

Sinead xo

Our  Philosophy

We are passionate about hair, YOUR hair specifically, and you should be too. We have developed a clean and conscious hair care brand to remove the guess-work. Whilst simplifying your haircare routine for you, we have also drastically reduced the amount of products you need to buy to achieve your hair goals. So open your press and throw out half the containers in there- yes even the ones you’ve had for three years that you ‘might use someday’ - Spoiler alert, you won’t. And we don’t blame you. With 400 brands on the market and aisles of product, how are you supposed to do what to use and when to use it?

That is where SEA+SOLU comes in. We have developed a fully customisable hair-care range  with YOU, the customer, in mind. We’ve also made this brand 100% vegan and cruelty-free, because that’s really important to us too. Our brand is Irish owned, from design right through to delivery. We are
committed, responsible, reliable, renewable and recyclable. You can rely on us, because we are passionate about hair, your hair.

The skinification of hair

We are committed to using only ingredients that either directly benefit the health of the hair and scalp or support the integrity of our formulations. We primarily aim to use plant derived ingredients but we also use synthetic ingredients that are deemed safe for your health and the environment if these ingredients help us create more efficacious products. 

We focus on clean, high functioning formulations that only contain effective active ingredients that nourish, balance and support the overall health of the hair and scalp. But what is just as important is what we leave out of our products, we will never use any of the following in our products:

+ Sulphates
+ Silicones
+ Phthalates
+ Parabens
+ DEAs
+ Artificial Dyes

Our  Difference

There are many products that claim free from and vegan credentials. At SEA+SOLU we’re different because our formulations REALLY WORK. 

We offer clean and conscious treatments for your hair with nothing added but our SOUL.

We’ve bottled our passion, knowledge and values to deliver a hair care experience that has you at its heart, leaving you with that salon feeling everyday. We are affordable luxury at your fingertips!

SEA+SOLU was designed with YOU in mind.

We are passionate about quality and of the benefits our clean, conscious
and naturally formulated products offer you. 

We put the SOUL into hair care, bringing a touch of affordable luxury
into your daily hair care regime.


Most people pay great attention to the products they choose for their
skin, so why not take the same care when choosing products for your hair?  This is where SEA+SOLU excels.

The + PLUS + of SEA+SOLU 

+ We have a passion for perfection for your hair

+ We are clean and conscious

+ We are 100% vegan and cruelty free

+ Ours is a quality, luxurious hair care range that really works

+ We are Irish – from design through to delivery

+ We believe ‘less is more’ with no unnecessary additions to our products, our formulations embrace our clean beauty principles

+ We bring you affordable luxury at your fingertips

+ We are committed, responsible, reliable, renewable and recyclable

+ We use a minimum 30% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic across our products